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Clinuvel US Vitiligo Study’s first positive observations

Vitiligo, a skin disorder that leaves the skin with white patches which may widen and appear on various parts of the body, is researched in abundance in the entire world. The studies on this skin disease keep on happening by the dermatologists and the medical professionals to fine the cure, which is still undiscovered. A Clinuvel US Vitiligo Study shows the positive observations done on the patients on Vitiligo.

First positive observations were done on the 21 patients living with non segmental Vitiligo. Then under CUV 102 protocol, two classifications of the patients were done for the study – first 50% of the patients enrolled were undergoing repigmentation treatment with narrowband ultraviolet B therapy where the rest of the 50% were under the treatment for NB-UVB alone.

The study shows that the initial observation in the 21 patients reveals that the dosing of afamelanotide (16mg implant) in combination with NB-UVB on monthly basis possesses the capability of achieving the speedy and deeper pigmentation of vitiliginous skin lesions.

The study also reveals that the skin disorder ‘Vitiligo’ is a disease that loses the melanin production in body which results in the loss of white or off-white depigmented skin lesions. The non segmental vitiligo affects more than 45 million patients around the world and leaves the patients in psychological and emotional suffering.


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