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Can Wireless Harm to Us

The problem is that people are so dependant on this technology now, I bet most would be willing to risk health problems for convenience. We already see it with food. We’re teaching children from such a young age to want/need these distractions. I’ve seen “toy blackberries” marketed to toddlers. I now see teenagers and adults who can barely have conversations because they are so focused on texting. Even though there is a mounting body of evidence to suggest that wifi WILL be the next tobacco, people fall back on – “everyone’s doing it” and we seem to need studies that show a direct and immediate connection between wifi and dropping dead before anyone will exercise caution. The cancers and illness in question can take 10 years to show up, so people have this window of time in which to convince themselves that “I’ve been using a cell phone every day for 7 years, and I’m fine”. There are microwave towers in every neighbourhood now and it’s impossible to escape them. In our home – we do not have cordless phones, cell phones, wireless router, or even a microwave, and this is seen as crazy and paranoid, but we’ve just choosen to live on the safe side. I don’t feel like we’ve made any big sacrifice, and when our power goes out – we still have a phone! When we moved out to the country, it took Telus over 18 months to give us a land line. They kept putting it off, hoping we would agree to the cell phones or the tower they wanted to attach to our roof instead. These companies don’t want to plow in cable anymore, and you have to fight to hold on to safer technologies. I am 4 months pregnant and when I take my daughter to swimming lessons, I have no less than 5 women sitting within 10 feet of me – all texting and surfing away. No one’s watching their children, no one’s talking, life passes by as everyone is in their own little wifi bubble. Forget walking into a coffee shop these days! I take all of these precautions for my family’s sake, but we’re at the mercy of the wifi world as soon as we step out our door (and probably before). So in essence – I get to enjoy all of the health hazards, with none of the convenience. I now know people who are unable to drive 5 minutes to pick up milk without putting wireless headsets on their kids to watch a movie and keep them silent while they drive & text. I am unable to watch the above video with my dial-up internet, but that’s ok!! I would love to see some cosmic event knock out all of this technology, but I’m afraid you can’t close Pandora’s box on a society that will sacrifice the real world for the sake of a virtual one. Other countries have at least banned cell phone use in children under 12, due to thinner skulls and developing brains, however we in North America always seem to be behind the curve when it comes to imposing regulations on powerful industry.

Good for you to avoid wireless mania. Our family has always done so as well, but as you describe, it is coming at us anyway, so we’ve decided it’s time to fight back. Closing in on us, too: we used to be 400m & 800m from nearest cell masts, last fall a new telecom installed at 200m away, and one clear result is complete defoliation of a normally resplendent Norway maple, only on the side facing the mast aimed our way. But we also recognize now that many sub-clinical symptoms in household members only since the late 90s — we live here since ’90 — have been due to exposures at even those farther masts. After close acquaintance with someone afflicted so badly — seizures — from passive exposures, we screen vulnerable parts of our house to minimize incoming radiation of this type. Good of this author to help make this awareness more mainstream still — tell everyone! Best mainstream N.A. piece to date was Ketcham’s at here. [this post was made 2x for seeming to fail to go through, apologies if redundant]

How refreshing, people are finally starting to do their homework and not simply buying what industry is selling them- a big fat lie. It has been well documented since the 60s when low level microwaves were used in the military that harmful biological effects were observed. It is unimaginable how we got from there to the predicament we are in now with the ubiquitous use of microwave emitting devices even in the hands of little children! Sadly we have come to expect this sort of betrayal from Big Industry but certainly not from the so called experts mandated to protect the health of Canadian citizens. It is unconceivable the health of so many have been wagered for the sake of wireless convenience. Let’s pray there is finally some sanity to clear the way to real solutions that do not require the ultimate sacrifice.


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