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Bad Breath Treatment & Prevention

Do you mind if I sit back a little because your bad breath is making me insane?” Bad breath is not only annoying for others but embarrassing for the one experiencing it. The causes are unlimited. It might be transient or chronic. You might have eaten something that falls into the so-called smelly foods, or you might just be suffering from a type halitosis that refuses to cure. Look out for are yellowish bumps found at the back of your throat, also called tonsil stones. You might want to consult a dentist if you happen to try everything and still can’t get rid of that pesky odor.

Following a healthy oral regimen and avoiding foods with strong odors like onions and garlic can do wonders for keeping that smelly breath at bay. The following steps have done marvels for many of us:

  1. Drink lots of water. Hands down!
  2. Make it a daily routine to brush your teeth with a fresh mint or menthol toothpaste every morning and night followed by tongue scraping, and an antibacterial mouthwash. (I suggest a plastic tongue cleaner and a Listerine mouthwash, preferably non-alcoholic as it won’t irritate your sensitive gums.) Try a medicated mouthwash if the regular Listerine doesn’t do any good.
  3. One of the most effective treatments is gargling with warm water and salt. Do not gargle if you have a severe throat condition which may be worsened by gargling.
  4. Avoid in between snacks whenever you can because you know you won’t be able to follow a perfect oral hygiene routine when you’re out. Plus, it’ll help you keep those pounds off! If you must crave on foods in between meals, remember to floss and use a breath freshening spray. Using a sugar-free peppermint or gum might alleviate your temporary halitosis (bad breath) as well.
  5. Whenever possible, rinse your mouth with water whenever you’re finished eating. And don’t forget to keep a breath spray or gum in your pockets whenever you hit the road. None of us would want to go out on a date or an important meeting with a smelly breath!

Following these steps would not only alleviate bad breath but help you boost your confidence, which is often lowered due to bad breath. Now come on, smile and be proud of your new fresh breath!! After all, it’s better to smile at the world than to have the world laugh at you.


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