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Bacterial Vaginitis Facts & Information

Bacterial Vaginitis is not an easy condition to diagnose. Research in this condition has still even to fully understand the causes of this condition. The only true thing about bv is that it is an imbalanced growth of different bacteria species in the vagina resulting to a discharge of foul odored liquid. To shed some light about this topic, here are some interesting facts about bacterial vaginitis that you need to know:

Sex has nothing to do with it – Although it is advisable to stay away from multiple sex partners, those who stay faithful with a single sex partner, and use preventive measure to avoid STD’s will still experience Bacterial Vaginosis. In fact, even women who have not undergone in any sexual activity can still get the condition see this article here. BV is a bacterial condition and can still happen with or without sex. Avoiding multiple sex partners can lessen your chances of having the condition though, but there is no guarantee of avoiding this condition in women.

Douching will only make it worse– Many women think that douching is healthy way of keeping their vaginas clean. In fact it is estimated that 20 to 40 percent of American women 15 to 44 years old douche regularly. About half of these women douche each week. Higher rates of douching are seen in teens, African-American women, and Hispanic women. The thing is douching will only make things worse rather than better. Most doctors and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend that women don’t douche. Douching can change the delicate balance of vaginal flora (organisms that live in the vagina) and acidity in a healthy vagina. One way to look at it is in a healthy vagina there are both good and bad bacteria. The balance of the good and bad bacteria help maintain an acidic environment. Any changes can cause an over growth of bad bacteria which can lead to a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Plus, if you have a vaginal infection, douching can push the bacteria causing the infection up into the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. So to all women in the world, just keep things natural.

Bacterial Vaginitis is treatable and not life threatening – BV, although its causes is not that sure is not really that life threatening. Nobody has died of this condition and the symptoms are quite mild. There are ready available cure for bacterial vaginitis also and they need not any expensive medication or surgeries. This is not unlike other STD’s where one really needs to panic about. Staying healthy, and refraining from things that can possible trigger it is just the ways you need to do it. The thing is, it is just a normal reaction to a imbalance in the presence of bacteria in the vagina. There are a lots of bacteria in the vagina which all in all function to keep the acidity level of the vagina normal for conception of course. Bacterial Vaginitis is just a disruption of the bacterias natural harmony.

It is a normal thing – Bacterial Vaginitis is not dangerous. Women should not panic if ever the condition arises but still should consult professional help to eliminate though to eliminate the troubles of fluid discharge. What I would like to stress out though is that having BV is not something for women to be afraid or shamed off. This is a common condition among women and no one is exempted from it. The only thing I know is that it is something that must be accepted by women and they should be free talking about it.

Now those were some of the facts you need to know about bacteria vaginitis. This condition is common among women around the world and is something that is not to be ashamed of having. The condition is not harmful and can be treated through natural ways.


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