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All you need to know about Metformin

Metformin is used for treatment of diabetes mellitus (II type) in adults, especially in overweight patients who have not reached an adequate control of blood glucose using only diet and exercise. It is used alone or in combination with other oral hypoglycemic agents. Diabetes mellitus (I type) in combination with insulin. The medication is appointed either alone or in combination with other oral hypoglycemic agent.

Metformin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with proven coronary atherosclerosis (ACA). It might can help PCOS, just click here for more.

Prescribed Metformin dose is 1g daily. After 10-15 days, the dose may be gradually increased depending on the level of glucose in the blood. Maintenance dose is an average of 1,5-2g/day. Max – 3 grams per day.

To reduce adverse side effects of Metformin from the digestive tract the daily dose should be divided into 2-3 doses. Tablets are taken whole, during or immediately after food intake, along with plenty of fluids. To facilitate the tablets 850mg may be divided. In this case, both halves should be taken immediately one after another.

The combined use of Metformin and insulin for first 4-6 days doesn’t require dose change of the last. Further insulin dose is gradually reduced (by 4-8 IU for a few days). Elderly patients’ dosage is dependent on renal function, which requires regular testing.

Metformin is available at online pharmacies. Here, the price will be much cheaper then at street drug stores of your city.


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